Mildred Lynch - Deputy Sheriff

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Mildred Lynch - Deputy Sheriff

Postby admin » October 31st, 2010, 6:09 pm

MR. ERBECKER: I would like to recall Deputy Sheriff Lynch, Your Honor.

MILDRED LYNCH , a witness recalled on behalf of the defendant Gertrude Baniszewski,
being duly sworn by the court, testified as follows:


Q. Your name is Mildred Lunch?

A. Yes, it is.

Q. You are the same witness who previously testified here?

A. Yes.

Q. The same Deputy Sheriff, Mildred Lynch?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Did you ever have any conversation with this defendant while she has been under your custody over there?

THE COURT: Answer yes or no.

A. No.

Q. Did you ever hear her talking to anybody else?

A. Yes, she has talked.

Q. To who?

A. She just talked to anybody.

Q. Anybody?

A. Yes.

Q. Were you present to hear the conversation?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you ever hear her use any vulgar language?

A. No.

Q. Did you ever hear her curse or swear?

A. No.

Q. Do you recall any specific person she talked to over there?

A. Well, the only one she would talk to would be one of the matrons.

Q. Which matron did she talk to, if you know?

A. I don't know.

Q. She never directly talked to you then?

A. She talked, yes.

Q. What did she talk about and when was this?

MR. BOWMAN: We object.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Q. Was it in a conversational tone with you or in response to a question you asked her?

A. I never asked her any questions.

Q. Then she would volunteer talking to you?

A. She would talk, yes.

Q. When?

A. Well, I am on the night shift and I let her out in the morning to get water to wash with and she talks then.

Q. When is the last time she talked in your presence?

A. This morning.

MR. RICE: We object.

THE COURT: Objection sustained.

Q. When is the last time you heard her talk prior to today?

A. Yesterday morning.

Q. Who was present at that time?

A. No one but me.

Q. Was she talking to you then?

A. She was.

Q. And what time is it - in the morning you say?

A. Yes.

Q. And what was this conversation?

MR. RICE: We object.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Q. Did she talk to you about her case?

A. Yes, she would.

Q. Did she?

A. Yes.

Q. What was the conversation?

MR. RICE: We object.

THE COURT: Sustained.

MR. ERBECKER: Nothing further.

MR. NEW: No questions.

THE COURT: Any questions from the other defendants?

MR. NEDEFF: Richard Hobbs has no questions.

MR. RICE: No questions.

MR. BOWMAN: No questions.


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