Garnet Jones - Life Insurance Agent

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Garnet Jones - Life Insurance Agent

Postby admin » October 31st, 2010, 5:57 pm

THE COURT: Next witness, please. Come forward.


GARNET JONES , a witness called on behalf of the defendant Gertrude Baniszewski, being duly sworn by the court, testified as follows:


Q. State your name, please.

A. Garnet Jones.

Q. Where do you live, Mrs. Jones?

A. 633 North Euclid.

Q. Are you married?

A. No, sir.

Q. Do you have a family?

A. I have two boys.

Q. What is your business or occupation, Mrs. Jones?

A. Life insurance agent.

Q. For how long?

A. I have worked for the company twice. Altogether six years.

Q. What company?

A. Do I have to say? Do I have to name it?

Q. Not as far as I am concerned.

A. I would rather not.

Q. Do you know the defendant in this case, Gertrude Baniszewski?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. How long have you known her?

A. Well, I wrote insurance on her family when her little boy was born, James.

Q. How long has that been, about?

A. '58 - '57 or '58, I don't remember.

Q. You have had business dealings with her from that time to the present time?

A. Not all the time, no.

Q. What is the last time you had business dealings with Gertrude Baniszewski?

A. Well, I wrote insurance on her family. The first plan I wrote was too much, I think for them, and I re-wrote it when she lived in Beech Grove, sometime during the year, I think, Jimmy was born.

Q. Did you ever visit her home?

A. On a business basis mostly.

Q. During the years of 1964 and '65, did you ever visit her home? In '64?

A. No.

Q. In '65?

A. In '65 I was there.

Q. Where?

A. It was on New York Street.

Q. When was the first time you saw her there - went there - during '65?

A. It was during the month of August.

Q. How many times did you visit the home in the month of August? Approximately?

A. I don't remember but I think it was once.

Q. Was there any subsequent date, Mrs. Jones, any date after that?

A. I think I was there in September.

Q. How many times in September?

A. Well, once or twice. I just don't remember.

Q. How about October. Were you there then?

A. I don't believe so.

Q. Were all these visits there on business or social?

A. Well, I'd say they were business because she wanted me to write some more insurance on her. She had lapsed the other and wanted a policy on her own life.

Q. You have known her since '57 or '58 and from '57 or '58 to 1965, did you ever have any other business relations with her?

A. No, sir.

Q. How about in '57 or '58, was it a casual acquaintance?

A. I was there to collect her insurance.

Q. In the year 1957?

A. If that is the year the boy was born.

Q. In 1958, where did she live then?

A. She lived on LaSalle Street.

Q. And after the boy was born, did you continue going to her house?

A. When her insurance was due.

Q. Would that be every month?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. And how long did that relationship continue, you collecting insurance every month?

A. I don't remember how long she kept it.

Q. Would it be more than a year?

A. No, I don't believe so.

Q. Would you describe the home from the time you saw it and in 1965 when you saw it on New York Street?

A. I was only in the living room and it was, I guess, a sort of normal home, you know, in her income bracket. It just seemed sort of normal to me.

Q. What about Mrs. Baniszewski? Will you describe her condition to the jury?

A. She seemed happy.

Q. Pardon?

A. She seemed happy.

Q. About the same condition she is now, with reference to her looks?

A. Well, she may have been a little thinner then.

Q. What about her - did she discuss any problems with you other than insurance there at that time?

A. I don't remember anything other than she was expecting to get some money.

MR. NEW: We object.

THE COURT: Objection sustained. The answer will go out.

Q. Did you see anybody else living there at the time you were there?

A. There were several children there.

Q. Do you know their names?

A. I know Gertrude's children.

Q. Were they all there?

A. I don't know. There were so many.

Q. What do you mean "so many"?

A. There was five or six or seven of hers, whatever she had, and there was a couple of boys there, older boys. I don't know who they were.

MR. ERBECKER: Nothing further.

THE COURT: Cross examination, State of Indiana?


Q. How much insurance did you write on her life?

A. I did not write any on her life.

Q. Did she - she did not take out insurance on her life?

A. No, sir.

Q. On anyone else's life?

A. No.

Q. Did you see any of the boys setting at the defendant's table?

A. John.

Q. Anyone else?

A. No.

Q. Do you know any of the other boys, the Hobbs boy or the Hubbard boy?

A. No.

Q. You know Paula?

A. Yes, sir.

MR. NEW: That is all.

THE COURT: Cross examination by Paula Marie Baniszewski?

MR. RICE: No questions.

THE COURT: Cross examination by John Stephan Baniszewski and Coy Hubbard?

MR. BOWMAN: No questions.

THE COURT: Cross examination by Richard Hobbs?

MR. NEDEFF: None at all.


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