Barbara Jean Hobbs - Sister of Defendant Richard Hobbs

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Barbara Jean Hobbs - Sister of Defendant Richard Hobbs

Postby admin » October 31st, 2010, 5:35 pm

THE COURT: Next witness.


BARBARA JEAN HOBBS , a witness called on behalf of defendant Richard Hobbs,
being duly sworn by the court, testified as follows:


Q. Barbara, tell the court your full name.

A. Barbara Jean Hobbs.

Q. You live at 310 North Denny?

A. Yes.

Q. How old are you, Barbara?

A. Eighteen.

Q. You are Ricky's older sister?

A. Yes.

Q. What kind of work do you do, Barbara?

A. I keep house for my father.

Q. How long have you been doing that?

A. Since September.

Q. What was the occasion of you starting to work there at the house in September?

A. When my mother became ill, I quit working and stayed home.

Q. Where did you work before that?

A. Indiana Bell Telephone.

Q. How long had you been there?

A. Since July.

Q. When did you graduate from high school?

A. June, '1965.

Q. Which school did you attend?

A. Thomas Carr Howe.

Q. After you graduated from school you started working at Indiana Bell?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. While you were in school did you participate in any activities in school?

MR. NEW: We object.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Q. Were you elected to any Honorary Society?

MR. NEW: We object.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Q. Now, Barbara, in September when you quit your work with Indiana Bell and stayed home to take care of your brothers and sisters, was that occasioned by the death of someone in the family?

A. Yes, it was.

Q. Who was that?

A. My mother.

Q. And what have you been doing since September?

MR. NEW: We object. It is not relevant.

THE COURT: It was gone over. It is repetitious.

Q. Barbara, do you know anyone by the name of Gertrude Wright or any of the Baniszewskis'?

A. No, I don't.

Q. Have they ever been to your home?

A. No.

Q. Do you know Gertrude Wright, alias Baniszewski?

A. No, I don't.

Q. Now, taking you back to Saturday, October 23, 1965, do you recall ever seeing Ricky that day?

A. Yes.

Q. What time of day?

A. Well, early Saturday morning when we were up and probably Saturday morning and Saturday evening.

Q. Did he ever talk to you that day about being over at the Baniszewski house, where he had been?

A. No.

Q. Now, taking you to Tuesday, October 26th, sometime after 6:30 or 7:00 o'clock, do you recall having a conversation with Ricky?

A. No, I don't.

Q. Do you recall the police - when do you recall the police being there at the house?

A. It was 9:00 o'clock.

Q. Where was Ricky at that time?

A. He was in bed.

Q. Upstairs?

A. Yes.

Q. Had you ever had any conversation with Ricky just before he went to bed?

A. Yes, I did.

Q. And what was that conversation?

MR. NEW: We object.

MR. ERBECKER: Sustained.

Q. Now, on that same Tuesday in the evening, was your father home?

A. No, he was not.

Q. What time did he come home - do you recall?

A. It was about a quarter till 9:00.

Q. Where had he been?

A. I think he was at the hospital.

Q. What time did he come home, if you remember?

A. A quarter of 9:00.

Q. Now, Barbara, what brothers and sisters do you have older than you?

A. I have three older sisters and one older brother.

Q. What is the name of the next older sister?

A. Paula.

Q. How old is she?

A. She is twenty.

Q. And the next brother or sister?

MR. NEW: The State objects. It is not relevant or a matter of defense.

THE COURT: Overruled.

A. Virginia is twenty-one.

Q. Next?

A. Thomas is twenty-two and Judy is twenty-four.

Q. Was your older brother Thomas - was he home last summer, in 1965, or in the fall of 1965?

A. No, he was not.

Q. Where was he at?

A. He is stationed in Vietnam in the army.

Q. How long has your brother Ricky been diabetic?

A. Since the Spring of '59.

Q. Can - does he require insulin shots?

MR. NEW: We object.

THE COURT: Objection sustained.

Q. Does he require any kind of special treatment?

A. Yes, he does.

MR. NEW: We object.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Q. Now, because of you mother being in the hospital with cancer, did the duty fall on you to be head of the household?

A. Not head, no.

Q. Was it your duty to take care of him?

A. Yes.

Q. What did those duties involve?

MR. NEW: We object.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Q. Did Ricky, last summer - in 1965 - give you any difficulty, requiring you to discipline your brother, brothers or sisters, discipline him, manage his conduct?

MR. NEW: We object.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Q. Now, Barbara, do you understand what your brother is charged with?

MR. NEW: We object. It would not matter whether she does or not.

THE COURT: Overruled.

A. Yes, I do.

Q. Do you know what he has admitted doing?

MR. NEW: We object.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Q. Barbara, do you know any act of cruelty or undisciplined acts Ricky ever done, other than what he is charged with here?

A. No, I don't.

Q. How did he conduct himself around home?

MR. NEW: We object.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Q. Did he help around the house?

MR. NEW: We object.

THE COURT: Overruled.

A. Yes, he did.

Q. What would he do?

MR. NEW: We object.

THE COURT: Sustained.

MR. NEDEFF: No other questions.

MR. NEW: No questions.

THE COURT: Defendant Gertrude Baniszewski?

MR. ERBECKER: No questions, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Defendant Paula Marie Baniszewski?

MR. RICE: No questions.

THE COURT: Defendants Coy Hubbard and John Stephan Baniszewski?

MR. BOWMAN: No questions.

THE COURT: The witness may go. Next witness, please.


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