William Kaiser - Detective Sergeant

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William Kaiser - Detective Sergeant

Postby admin » October 31st, 2010, 5:34 pm

WILLIAM KAISER , a witness called on behalf of defendant Richard Hobbs,
being duly sworn by the court, testified as follows:


Q. Tell the court your name.

A. William Kaiser.

Q. The same William Kaiser who previously testified here?

A. I am, sir.

Q. Now, Mr. Kaiser, taking you back to October 26th in the evening, did you have occasion to talk to Richard Hobbs during the course of that evening?

A. I did, sir.

Q. Did you take a statement from him that evening?

A. I took a statement - he gave me a statement at the house and then also a statement at the Homicide Office.

Q. The statement he gave you there at the house on October 26th, was that reduced to writing?

A. No, sir, it was not.

Q. The statement given October 27th, do you remember if it was in the morning or afternoon?

A. On the 27th it was in the afternoon, sir.

Q. Was what Ricky Hobbs told you October 26th in the evening the same that was in the statement that was reduced to writing on October 27th?

A. Yes, it was.

MR. BOWMAN: We object, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Objection sustained. The answer will go out. It calls for a comparison.

Q. But the statement was reduced to writing October 27th, 1965?

A. That is correct.

Q. Did it vary from anything he told you the evening of October 26th?

MR. BOWMAN: We object, Your Honor, it is hearsay.

THE COURT: Overruled for the reason assigned. Sustained. It calls for a comparison.

MR. NEDEFF: No other questions.

MR. NEW: No questions.

THE COURT: Gertrude Baniszewski?

MR. ERBECKER: No questions.

THE COURT: Paula Marie Baniszewski?

MR. RICE: No questions.

THE COURT: John Stephan Baniszewski or Coy Hubbard?

MR. BOWMAN: Nothing.


MR. NEDEFF: Rev. William Doyle. I don't know whether he is here yet.

THE COURT: He is not here. Next witness, please, Mr. Nedeff.

MR. NEDEFF: Judge, we have no other witness.

THE COURT: You will rest, subject to calling Rev. Doyle?


THE COURT: Do the defendants all rest, subject to calling Rev. Doyle?
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